PenanceToday is the commemoration of the Faithful departed, commonly known as All Souls Day. We remember and pray for all of those souls who have died yet are awaiting the reward of Heaven still because they have not fulfilled the temporal debt due to them for their sins. You also have the added bonus of a plenary indulgence if you visit a cemetery and pray for the departed and complete the other requirements for a plenary indulgence (confession, communion, prayer for the intentions of the pope and freedom from attachment to sin). This is a great chance to wipe the slate clean and get that new soul smell back. Go to confession. Just do it. No excuses. Get a fresh start.

Most parishes offer confession on Saturdays, some offer it on Fridays as well.

Here are some resources if you would like to learn more about the sacrament of penance or you have some reservations about it:

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