The Holy Spirit By Giaquinto Corrado
The Holy Spirit By Giaquinto Corrado
Grace is the result of the Holy Spirit working in our lives

In present American culture, the term “Entitlement” has a particularly strong connotation with social help programs, which provide support for many people in the lower economic rungs of our society. Many on the right side of the political spectrum associate entitlements with handouts that frequently are undeserved and wasteful. Those on the left equate entitlements with a lifeline, sustaining those who are unable to sustain themselves whether through disability or hard luck.

As humans, we are all part of a universal entitlement society, living hand-to-mouth on the Divine assistance of grace. Grace is the Divine handout, the result of the Holy Spirit working in our lives. In a sense, grace is the spiritual assistance which parallels the entitlements our government provides.

Grace is undeserved. By our nature as fallen humans who have rejected the loving plan of God from the very beginning, we could hardly fault God if He simply went along with our will of spiritual destruction. We made a choice which removed us from the relationship God intended for us. Through His perfect mercy and love for us, God did not allow us to languish and succumb to spiritual death. He intervened in our destiny, sending His Son to save us through His passion and death. He also intervened throughout our history to bring about positive outcomes to dire circumstances. Wars have been won, plagues overcome, and natural disasters averted through His loving involvement in our affairs. He has furthermore inserted good outcomes into each of our lives when surely those results were not deserved. His grace is abundant and freely given despite being utterly unmerited in due to our actions.

Grace is most often wasted by its recipients. Time and time again, Our Lord showers grace upon us and just as often, we derive some benefit from it, but after a while, we turn away from the life of grace and fall into depravity. The abundant gift of grace is forgotten, ignored and rejected more often than it is embraced and utilized. Nevertheless, God comes back to us. He gives us this gift of grace even after we have consistently rejected or squandered it.

Grace sustains us when we are unable to sustain ourselves. Without the gift of grace, we would scarcely be able to function as a society. Without the continual intervention in our lives and events, we would descend into thoroughly selfish and prideful behavior. Every time we receive an infusion of grace, we are called back from sinfulness to reestablish a loving relationship with God. You can see the good that is done when grace is given and eagerly accepted.

Grace can be refused and frequently is. The effects of rejected grace echo throughout the world. Sin is the result of the rejection of grace. Wars, terrorism, abortion, prostitution, pornography, infidelity, promiscuity, secularism, atheism, theft, greed, sloth are all the product of our fallen nature devoid of the life of grace in our soul. Just as a person living in poverty would struggle unnecessarily without public assistance, so too do we when we turn down the help of God.

Grace is necessary for our salvation and in fact for the proper functioning of our society. We can grow in holiness through the undeserved gifting of this Divine assistance. Our fallen nature at times inclines us to turn away from this grace, so it is important for us to consciously look for the infusion of grace, beg and plead God for it, accept it when it is given and build on it in order to perfect our lives and realize the end to which we are all called: Heaven.