Xavier University President Fr. Michael Graham, S.J. stood up for the teachings of the Church and refused to pay for contraception in the University’s health care plan. After some faculty members raised a stink about it, he reversed course and has sold out to the relativists.

This is the first case I am aware of in which a Catholic institution has opposed the HHS Mandate and then reversed course. Let us all pray for Fr. Graham, the faculty, staff, and students of Xavier University that our Lord will touch their hearts and help them to return to the teachings of the Church. In the meantime, if you are looking for a good Catholic College for yourself or your children, browse around the Cardinal Newman Society website. They are pretty good at identifying faithful, solid Catholic schools.

My personal recommendation is of course my alma mater, Franciscan University, where you can be taught by some of the greatest minds in the Catholic Church like Dr. Scott Hahn, Dr. Regis Martin, Dr. Alan Schreck, and Dr. Mark Miravalle. The faculty takes an oath of loyalty to the Church’s magisterium, and Franciscan was the first University in America to institute the oath – back in 1989.

Here is an excerpt from the post over at the Cardinal Newman Society about Xavier University’s disgraceful decision…

Jesuit University Reverses Itself, Will Cover Contraceptives

A Jesuit university that saw faculty protests after the president of the university announced earlier this year that it would no longer cover contraceptives in its insurance plan has now reportedly reversed itself and announced that it will in fact continue to cover contraceptives.

In an interview with Cincinnati.com, Xavier University President Fr. Michael Graham, S.J., said that in light of the Supreme Court decision upholding Obamacare, he is reversing himself and the university will cover contraceptives for its 950 employees. And on top of that, he seemed to apologize for not being in the “center” on this issue.

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