Sister Joan Chittister recently was interviewed by LifeSiteNews. It started off cordially, but after being asked about her positions on certain teachings of the Church, she went into a full-out tantrum. It is actually rather amazing how some dissidents will dance around a question when it is presented plainly to them. Here is an exerpt:

JC: Now we're into infallibility. We have two infallible teachings in the Church.
LSN: Okay. Which teachings are those?
JC: Well, I expect you to know because you're the one asking the question. And this doesn't fall in either of those.
LSN: Okay. Well that would be somewhere where we differ in our opinion.
JC: Is this infallible?
LSN: What?
JC: I don't know. Whatever you're talking about. What are the infallible teachings in question?
LSN: Well, the question about women's “ordination”, contraception…
JC: Ordination is a question of infallibility?
LSN: Absolutely.
JC: Oh, well then what happened to Peter and his mother-in-law?
LSN: What do you mean?
JC: Well, Peter had a mother-in-law.
LSN: Yes?
JC: Well, was Peter allowed to be a priest? What are we doing here?
LSN: Yes.
JC: We had married priests all the way to the 13th century. None of them were priests?
LSN: I'm not talking about married ordination. I'm talking about women's ordination.
JC: Ah. Women's ordination. I see. That's your problem. Women, right.

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