Nearly all the political pundits (even a vast majority of the Democratically inclined) are now saying that President Obama lost the debate. I prefer to look at it as the truth being made clear to all. Obama now has 4 years of track record to defend. He benefitted so few in relation to the many he hindered.

Obama looked confused, listless, meandering, and frankly, defeated. I nearly felt sorry for him, but then I remembered the millions of unborn children lead to the slaughter under his approving watch. I remembered the assault on marriage launched by this president. I remembered the assault on the consciences of the Catholics of this country. I almost felt sorry for him. Then I came to my senses and realized this is the only way he could be undone. It is the only way his crushing path of destruction could be reversed. It will not bring back those children killed by abortion, but it will give us some progress toward ending their continued murder.

We just need a couple more debates like this.