The Friday Flashback is a review of the important news of the week. The Culture of Death is active as ever...


Nickelodeon Links to Twitter Account with Filthy, Sexually charged derogatory comments by Actor Jason Biggs - another reason not to let liberals entertain your kids.

Godless San Francisco Shows Its True Intentions - hmmm, who would have thought that these people didn't like kids?

Illinois Senator Dick Durbin Gets Sneaky and Tries to Pass pro-abortion, anti-family UN Treaty - Can't trust the liberals, now can you?

Illinois Court Upholds Conscience Rights for Pharmacists - finally, some good news, if even just temporary!

NYC Hands Out Morning After Pill at 50 Highschools - can't trust liberals to "educate" your kids either!

HHS Mandate Allows Minors Free Contraception and Sterilization - Obamacares? Not for parent's rights or consciences!

Boko Haram Strikes Again - Killing 2 and Wounding 45 IN Catholic Church Bombing - where is the outrage? Why isn't the media covering this story?

Bishop Thomas Paprocki Makes a Clear Case for Voting Principles in this Election - I just hope people are using their ears the way God intended them to be used rather than employing "selective hearing"

Mitt Romney's Son Tagg Utilized IVF with Abortion Clause - Another reason I don't trust Romney. He's better than intrinsic evil though.

Cardinal Dolan comments on NYC Schools Giving Young Girls the Morning After Pill

Planned Parenthood Ohio Fails to Report Incestuous Rape to Police - You know, it seems like Planned Parenthood doesn't really care about its patients after all. Money talks.