First, read this and be prepared for your blood pressure to rise. Then read on...

If you thought you would see someone’s insides when you saw the title of this post, then my apologies. Here is the image that scares me more than anything I have seen this week:

It is the entirety of the mainstream media’s internet coverage of this story as aggregated by Google News. 5 articles – only 2 of which are from major newspapers. If I do a search for “Madonna Black Muslim” referring to Madonna’s verbal diarrhea, I get 38,600 results. The media decides what you care about, got that? 

Do you know why they don’t want you to care or even know about this story? They don’t want you to grow a conscience. They don’t want you to value human life. If you have a moral dilemma with this story, then you might think about the subject a bit and decide that every life is valuable and sacred. The media wants to turn human life into a commodity. Slowly they are attempting to erode your moral sensibilities. Don’t let it happen. Form your conscience. Investigate the issues.