How shallow is our culture? Here is my take – pretty shallow. An article/video on Yahoo’s “Shine” portal is asking the question “Should parents be able to pick their baby’s gender?”

Now, the video is a couple of social commentators discussing the pros and cons of it. I give them brownie points for actually using the word ethical in their conversation. On the other hand, I couldn’t help but notice that they did not even discuss HOW this “gender picking” is done.

I’m sure you can figure it out, but let me make sure we are all on the same page. More than one child is created/conceived through in vitro fertilization. If the child matches the gender the parents have settled on, then that child gets to live. If not, then the child is killed or possibly placed in “storage” for a while until the parents decide that it is time for a baby of that gender. If the child is never wanted, then that child will likely be discarded like trash.

This information is conveniently not included in the discussion. Perhaps it is that they are trying to appeal to their audience, which probably is composed primarily of teenagers with attention spans shorter than replacement NFL referees, and lazy generation X and Y party-going, conscience shunning liberals. Even so, don’t you think they at least owe it to themselves if not their audience to provide all the details? Do you think that maybe the details would cause some people to frown upon the practice? Maybe that is why the details are conveniently left out.

Our culture is shallow. Shallow enough to look the other way when facts might actually cause them to take a stand for something other than sinful behavior. We wouldn’t want people to get that “uncomfortable” feeling that sometimes shows up when their conscience tries to poke through the callous exterior, now would we?