The Friday Flashback is a roundup of the important articles and blog posts of the week...

Acts of the Apostasy has a nice parallel between our spiritual struggles and boxing 

Homeschooling Parents, Vatican Urge Senate Not to Sign Power-Grabbing UN Convention - When will the loons at the UN stop this? They draft an article about protecting the disabled and insert language that would give the government power to intervene if they don't agree with how you raise your child? The is outrageous, and if you don't agree with it, then you are a knuckle-dragging Neanderthal for not "supporting the disabled".

France Grants Legal Recognition to Same Sex Marriages, Forces Government Ministers to Perform them, and Permits Adoption By Gay Couples

Diocese of Nashville and Several Catholic Religious Institutions Sue Over HHS Mandate

Hobby Lobby Sues the Government Of the United States of Obama Over HHS Mandate. Nice to see a large company mix it up with the president over the HHS mandate!

Archbishop Chaput urges end to Capital Punishment - A difficult topic, and one that the left likes to harp on. The Church's teaching is clear, and Chaput lays it out for us.

Romney Says he will Reinstate the Mexico City Policy, wants Roe V Wade Reversed - Let us hope this is not just lip service.

Obama’s Justice Dept. suing Gallup Polls after results they didn’t like. Coincidence? I think not. Obama calls on his hired goons to intimidate Gallop.

Vatican Hopes Apple Partnership Will Spread Pope's Message - I hope this works out well. I'm a little wary of this as large technology companies tend to be very liberal.

Who Are You to Judge? - Fr. Longenecker seems to be having a rough go of it over at Patheos. The atheists have their claws out.

There's a Dead Spot in My House and Eduardo Verástegui Fell Into It - CMR brings the laughs and promotes a great movie.