The Friday Flashback is a roundup of the important articles and blog posts of the week. This week, we have some serious crazy going on in our culture, mostly in the realm of politics...

Gay Group Blasts Franciscan U. Franciscan U Pushes Back - a big cheer for a strong response from my alma mater after an unofficial Gay alumni group (probably business majors) attacks them for suggesting that homosexuality is "deviant" behavior.

Pro-Life Democrats at (near)convention - Creative minority report highlights the few remaining Democrats who still don't comprehend their party's hate for those in the womb.

Diocese of Charlotte sends a message to Democrats at convention - Do you think they got it?

Democrats drop "God" from party platform - The Democrats tried to officially state that they are Godless.

Democrats Boo when God is added back in to platform - I guess it wasn't a mistake in the first place. You don't often hear God getting boos. Shows you what a special group these people are.

Full Text of Cardinal Dolan's Speech at the DNC - I get the image of blood in the shark tank.